Do You Remember Lost in Space?

1965 -1968 Science Fiction?

June Lockhart interacts with Robot B9.  June Bauer watches  every episode of  Lost in Space as many times as it is on TV.  Nothing fascinated me more than these fantasy technologies that I somehow knew were  possible.  I grew up in the time of “Landing a MAN on the Moon” .  I dreamed about someday meeting  a Marsian and hanging out on Mars for the weekend.   Almost everything else has come to pass. Wow! Actually Super Wow! and this year we are going to launch a test ship to Mars. There is still hope of going to Mars for the weekend.

Fast Forward:  2018

Now we have more information about a perspective client than their co-workers, friends and family members.  How can we utilizes this information to create the ultimate marketing plan for our target market ? This is where the human comes in.   AI information under the control of a savvy marketer has no limits.  Below we will go over the most interesting and useful aspects of AI combined with the human touch.

AI Relevance

AI and Big Data

Create websites that personalize brilliantly.

Smart Websites

Are able to call your visitors by name.  Hi George!

Machine Learning

AI and ML combine for preferences.

One Page

All of your perspective customers preferences together in one place.

Infographics & Content

Create the right first impression every-time.

One Click

You can easily go through graphics and content proven to appeal to the perspective customer.


Customers will be surprised by their personalized experience.


Become interesting with true relevance; customers know the difference.

AI on a Budget

Small and medium size business can now have the same web presents as the multi national super stores.  AI strategically placed within your website can work towards a total personalized customer experience.  Take a look at some applications that can all be implemented for under 400 dollars.

 The Intelligent Chatbot 

It observes your conversations as you communicate with your customers – and it learns from the experience. The plugin automatically builds your knowledge-base, and acts on its own by delivering the most relevant answers to the customers. In the background a natural language processing engine connects questions with relevant keywords, and automatically generates your Question & Answers sets
 Self-organizing Taxonomies 

Self-organizing taxonomies that can learn from experience. There are three types:

  • Descriptors for neutral relationships (similar to tags)
  • Draws for positive relationships
  • Distances for negative relationships

The Aimojo team has also developed an additional plugin that helps you convert your existing tags and categories into intelligent taxonomies.

 Did You Mean

 An intelligent way that makes “Not Found” error pages more user-friendly. Did You Mean works out of the box, it doesn’t have any admin settings. It offers a conditional sidebar widget that is only displayed on 404 pages, and offers the post that is contextually the closest to the one the user typed in the URL bar. It also makes your search bar more user friendly by offering recommendations to the users while they are typing their search queries.
  WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration

This plugin makes it possible to integrate the Darwin Pricing dynamic pricing software into your WooCommerce  site. Darwin Pricing allows you to run geo-targeted sales campaigns by using real-time competition monitoring, dynamic split testing and artificial intelligence. At first the software gathers price sensitivity data about your competition, then it utilizes statistical analysis and AI algorithms to find out the optimal discount in every location.

After the Deadline

After the Deadline uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to find writing errors and offer smart suggestions. The intelligent spell checker doesn’t only check spelling but also detects misused words, checks styles by using context and thousands of rules, finds cliches and bias-language, and even explain your errors. You can tell the type of the error by its color. Misused words and spelling errors are marked in red, grammar mistakes in green, and style suggestions in blue.

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