Time to use Bitcoin for Shopping?  Bitcoin curious that got in low and have been riding the wave of excitement can shop their way out.  As governments and financial analyst try to decide if it is a currency or a commodity you may just be wondering “Where can I spend it?”  Top retailers are making it easier than ever to convert your recent gains into goods and services.  Let’s look at the top three


Overstock.com offers a wide variety of products from laptop computers to home decorative essentials and appliances.  The website allows customers to utilize all multiple cyptocurrencies; Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Monero.


Expedia  – You may now book your hotel rooms using bitcoin.  The company is researching expansion into payment for air flights and other activities for bitcoin users.


eGifter – is great because it bridges the gap between retail establishments that accept bitcoin and ones that do not.  The company effectively allows you to shop at stores like Amazon, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dunken Donuts, Best Buys and hundreds more via the purchase of a gift card in bitcoin.

In conclusion if you are holding on to some Bitcoins and concerned about federal regulations, market volatility and / or tax implications fret no more.  You can furnish your home from overstock.com, book a great hotel room for a weekend getaway with Expedia and shop to you drop a Macy’s and Nordstrom’s utilizing eGifter.  Time to use Bitcoin for Shopping?  I think so. Learn more about bitcoin use and setting up your company to accept bitcoins at www.realworldmagic.org