Budget Savvy A I Options allow you to get in on the ground floor with new exciting features made available for WordPress website owners.  Some versions are in Beta; others have been tested thoroughly and are ready to prove themselves “intelligent”.  A new option for your side bar that is easy to install and use is Kindred Posts.  It lets you place a widget on your sidebar, recommending relevant content to your visitors. Kindred Posts uses artificial intelligence to gain knowledge about the behavior of the users and suggests content based on their interests.  Your recommendations become more targeted and relevant as more visitors navigate through your site.  You also have the opportunity to integrate the widget with your web analytics tracking code. This way you can easily know which recommendations were clicked on the most. Kindred Posts can be revise from the basic options of the plugin under Settings. This will allow you to use the tool in almost any area of the website.

Budget Savvy A I Options

Kindred Posts is just one of many exciting new options that create an environment of interactivity between you and your visitor.  If your company is not a household word and the visitor has never purchased products from your brick and motor; it will take an average of 4 visits to turn a prospect into a customer.  The interactivity of A I becomes more relevant with each visit.

Learn more about other easy to use and useful A I applications in our Discover Success with AI page.  Also, check out the AI used in Free Markets Exchange new Live Chat.  Great Toys!!!

Discover Success with A I