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Andrew ArnoldAccording to Forbe’s article written January 2018 by Andrew Arnold  millennials age 18-34 are looking towards bitcoin in record numbers.  When asked about their view of government bonds or stocks; a whooping 30% said they would rather invest in cryptocurrencies.  The rush we saw of capital to the cryptocurrency markets caused quite a frenzy in 2017 and is expected to continue.  As institutional investors start trading in this currency its recognition as a valid form of payment will increase with the mainstream. 2018 is expected to continue the trading of this border-less currency.  The two biggest advantages for wholesale and retail American companies is new forward-thinking American customers  and expansion into the worldwide market.  You can now offer NO EXCHANGE RATE & NO BANK TRANSACTION FEES to perspective buyers.   Your new customers in Canada or Germany purchasing products from your company will knows EXACTLY what the cost is.  No credit card shocks next month. Fluctuating exchange rates and banking fees have long been a major deterrent.  United States’ companies can now easily accommodate new customers all over the world; knowing the banks will not make their new customer’s experience a nightmare.  Real World Magic can upgrade you current payment processor to accept crytocurrency quickly and seamlessly.  Please set up a free consultation on-line.